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Factinista Archives, April 2006

1000 days, 1000 ways to mess up
April 25th 2006

As we begin to count down the final 1000 days of the George W. Bush 43rd presidency, it is perhaps time to reflect on how much more damage he can wreak on our country before he is put out to pasture for good.

Keep in mind that this is the president who thought it would be a great idea to have some kind of “Pearl Harbor-like event” in order to get the American public behind his upcoming war against Iraq. While I am not in league with the conspiracy theorists who think that Karl Rove planned 9/11 for just that purpose, I am amazed that a sitting president would even entertain the idea that a horrendous disaster would be politically helpful in implementing his plans. It shows a callousness and arrogance never before seen in an American president.

Karl Rove has been removed from his policymaking position at the White House and put back in charge of politicking. That alone should make everybody wary. Karl Rove is the one who argued strenuously that a Pearl Harbor-like event might be necessary to galvanize public opinion behind the president. My guess is that Karl Rove is one of the little voices in Bush's ear saying that a limited cruise missile strike against Iran’s nuclear infrastructure will boost his ratings in the polls.

That might be true, but the disastrous consequences of such a blunder will far outweigh those that Bush has already reaped in Iraq. It will be akin to Germany attacking Russia in World War II and opening up the Eastern front. The consequences for our troops on the ground would be far worse than they have been to date. Such aggressive moves would also further destabilize the Middle East and further reduce oil output, with the consequence of driving up gas prices even higher.

The presidency is wounded, and a politically wounded Karl Rove will no doubt strike out at everyone in a frenzy to try and drive Bush's poll numbers up. With Bush’s approval rating nearing 30%, it may take another Pearl Harbor-like event to turn things around. That is perhaps the most frightening thought of all.

Dr John

American Pravda
April 22nd 2006

Americans used to scoff at what passed for news in the Soviet Union. The official state newspaper, Pravda, dished out state propaganda 24 hours a day, and served as a focus of ridicule by Western news organizations.

Oh how times have changed.

Now that Scott McClellan has offered his resignation (being forced to lie in public for years takes a heavy mental toll, even on the ethically challenged) we hear that Fox news’ Tony Snow is jockeying for the job. This fact alone makes it clear that the American Pravda, Fox news, has become a de facto arm of the Bush administration.

While working at the US germ warfare center (United States Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense) a couple years ago I was amazed to discover that virtually all of the military personnel working there were convinced that they could only get the truth from Fox news. They were convinced that all other news organizations were highly biased, and lying through their teeth. That is an amazing feat of successful propaganda.

In order for propaganda to work, people need to be frightened and angry. That is exactly the kind of tactic that Fox news uses to keep their viewers incensed at things that do not affect them (such as gay marriage), while distracting them from the malfeasance of their government that is going to come back and bite them in the end (such as massive government debt, and frantic borrowing from Chinese banks).

Yesterday on CNN Wolf Blitzer had a discussion about the CIA leak case and his panel included three hard-core Republican activists. No moderates, no liberals. With the mainstream news acting as Republican apologists, and Fox news acting as the propaganda wing of the White House, it is no wonder that so many Americans are misinformed and frustrated.

Fortunately, the government has not figured out a way to take control of the Internet, and so the information flow has not been completely shut off. But I'm sure they're working on some kind of law that will allow them to jail liberal bloggers as enemy combatants, if they can just figure out how to get around that pesky First Amendment to the Constitution.

Dr John

We'll Miss You Scotty
April 19th 2006

White House stonewaller in chief, Scotty McClellan, announced today that he would be “moving on”.

Sniff, sniff, we'll miss you Scotty, so sad to see you go.

When we needed information, you put us in the know,

Like when you told us about that nasty CIA agent’s assault upon our nation:

Simple Scotty said: “I can not comment on an ongoing investigation”

Or when you edified us with lies to boost the Iraqi conflagration:

Simple Scotty said: “I can not comment on an ongoing investigation”

Your fascinating answers on Jack Abramoff fueled our education:

Simple Scotty said: “I can not comment on an ongoing investigation”

But what we’ll miss the most is when your mind meanders:

Simple Scotty said: “The President holds everyone to the very highest standards”.

Sniff, sniff, we'll miss you Scotty, so sad to see you go.

When we needed information, you put us in the know.

Dr John

It was all a pack of lies
April 12th 2006

Bit by bit, every single piece of information given to the United States public about the reasons for going to war in Iraq have been proven false. Worse yet, the evidence clearly indicates that the Bush administration knew the claims were false before they even uttered the falsehoods in public.

Now we learn that the government knew that the so-called mobile bio-weapons factories had nothing to do with biological weapons, and several inspectors dubbed them “giant sand toilets”. But Bush and Cheney turned sand toilets into imminent threats. They lied and lied and lied.

There are still lying to the public on a daily basis, and for some reason they think they will get away with it despite all the evidence showing that they are lying. Now they are stirring up trouble with Iran for one simple reason; they don't want people talking about how they lied us into the war in Iraq, and how they exposed a covert CIA agent to squelch criticism of their malfeasance.

They have so thoroughly trampled on our military - over extended them, under-equipped them, pushed them to the limit, lied to them about the reasons for being there, and botched the diplomacy that could have quelled the insurgency - that they couldn't attack Iran now even if they wanted to. But expect a lot more Bush bluster about Iran, and a lot more lies about how Iraq was a substantial and growing threat to the United States.

The Bush administration will go down in history as the most disingenuous and disastrous administration to ever come to power in America. What worries me most is how much more trouble they can get us into over the next 2 1/2 years in an attempt to distract attention from their criminal actions.

The argument will go something like this: “Iran –threat… Iran -big threat… Iran -nuclear threat… you're all going to die!” (George isn't big on complete sentences).

A quick note to those who don't think George Bush should be impeached along with Dick Cheney: exactly how many lies and false wars will they have to foist on you before you get angry? How much debt will they need to saddle your children with in order for you to get angry? How much will they have to abuse our military personnel, wasting and destroying many of their lives, before you get angry? Which is more important; the United States of America, or the Republican Party?

Think about it.

Dr John

For America
April 9th 2006

In a column published yesterday Todd Huffman writes “if you don't mind, why don't you mind?” That's a question I've been asking for some time now. The truth of the matter is that about two thirds of the country really does mind, and is either frustrated or outraged. It's just that other one third that doesn't seem to mind what the Bush administration is doing in our name.

It is now official that President Bush authorized leaking the name of a CIA agent, only to come out later and publicly say he wanted to know “who did the leaking”. If that level of official disingenuousness is not enough to infuriate you, then probably nothing will.

According to recently released information concerning the dubious nature of President Bush's claims about Iraq obtaining nuclear material from Niger Africa, Bush knew long before his State of the Union speech that the claims were false. From the Washington Post story today: “The [National Intelligence] council's reply, drafted in a January 2003 memo by the national intelligence officer for Africa, was unequivocal: The Niger story was baseless and should be laid to rest. Four U.S. officials with firsthand knowledge said in interviews that the memo, which has not been reported before, arrived at the White House as Bush and his highest-ranking advisers made the uranium story a centerpiece of their case for the rapidly approaching war against Iraq.”

There is no doubt now, (nor was there much doubt in many peoples minds in March of 2003), that the president lied about the reasons for going to war, and then lied again about the evidence he said that he had concerning the reasons for going to war. We were also told there was much additional information that was classified that showed Saddam was a serious threat, and now it turns out that was a lie as well.

It is time for conservatives and liberals alike to realize that they have been set at each other's throats by incompetent liars who are trying to divide the nation into two warring camps so that they can stay in power. It is time for conservatives and liberals to stop looking at each other as the enemy, and see the Bush administration as the true enemy of us all. The latest headlines at the Washington Post talk about plans for bombing Iran. Americans need to come together and write their congress people and tell them that there is absolutely no way America is going into another ill-advised war based on Karl Rove’s political strategies. Rove is a one trick pony who thinks that everyone will rally behind a war president.

Liberals and conservatives alike should work together to impeach both Bush and Cheney so that America can move on. This is one time when Americans need to come together regardless of party in order to save their country from ruin. The moment we start dropping bombs on Iran is when Iran begins full-scale support for the insurgency in Iraq. Only a madman would want to put our troops in even more danger than they already are.

If there was ever a time when liberals and conservatives needed to work together to prevent further disaster, the time is now. If you are not part of the solution, you're part of the problem.

America first.

Dr John

Another missing link is found
April 6th, 2006

Scientists have announced the find of several fossils from Devonian rocks in Canada that clearly show a transitional form between fish and early land animals. The fish have many additional bones in their forelimbs that appear to be the forerunners of modern arm/wing bones from land animals. The new species of fossil has been named Tiktaalik roseae.

For scientists this is just another in a long series of discoveries that show how animals have evolved over the previous 600 million years, but for proponents of intelligent design, this is another fossil record gap filler that makes their argument of huge gaps in the fossil record sound more and more shrill. One of their favorite gaps was the fossil record gap between fish and land animals. Fossil fish with short stubby fat front fins have been found, and amphibian fossils with very primitive limbs have been found, but this is the first transitional fossil form which shows intermediate limb development.

For some time now scientists have noted that creationists have claimed that evolution cannot explain the gaps in the fossil record, and they call the creationists point of view “the God of the gaps”. As the gaps become filled in, the God of the gaps is squeezed more and more out of the picture. Expect to hear from evangelicals everything from accusations that the fossils are fake, to declarations that the forelimb bones of the fossils do not look like modern arm bones, and are completely unrelated.

The really bad news for intelligent design proponents is that there are millions of cubic acres of fossil bearing rocks still to be examined, and many new fossils yet to be found. The fossil record will never be perfect, but as it stands now it has already given us huge volumes of information about how life changed on earth over the last several hundred million years.

Dr John

War profiteers are picking your pocket and making you less safe.
April 2nd, 2006

It was reported in the New York Times today that as much as $250 billion worth of defense contracting money may have been spent on an unworkable antimissile defense system. The contractor and war profiteer, Boeing, apparently falsified data on the accuracy and kill rate for missile interceptors they were contracted to provide the government.

A heated dispute has sprung up between the General Accounting Office (GAO) and one of their employees who disclosed the falsified documents and the subsequent cover-up to the public.

As an example, a single failed missile attempt cost American taxpayers $100 million, and Boeing falsified data concerning the test. Perhaps the most disturbing part of this story of war profiteering, falsifying data, and cover up is the fact that there is no nuclear missile threat anymore to protect the United States from.

George Bush came to office determined to build an antimissile defense system despite the fact that there was no longer any threat from enemy nuclear missiles. Add to this the facts that the interceptors rarely find their target, even when it is a lone warhead, and it is impossible for the interceptor to determine which is the real warhead when decoys are used.

In other words, the system cannot possibly work as advertised, and it is designed for a threat that no longer exists. Does that sound like something you want 250 billion taxpayer dollars spent on? Isn't it possible that spending that money on securing our ports and borders might make Americans safer than protecting us against non-existent nuclear missiles?

I expect most Americans will just roll their eyes and say “oh well”. And of course that is the crux of the problem in America today. Americans should be outraged at this squandering of their tax dollars to boost a failing corporation, Boeing. The sad fact of the matter is, eventually Boeing lost the interceptor contract to another company, Raytheon, but Boeing still retains control over the entire missile defense project. I suppose it's just another example of promoting those who fail.

When Will Americans finally rise up against in this kind of government/corporate abuse? Probably never, they're too busy watching American Idol.

Dr John

Illegal Aliens Taking White House Jobs That Americans Don't Want.
April 1st, 2006

In a shocking move that has the White House staff in a frenzy, President George Bush has announced a White House staff shakeup. After the resignations of Scooter Libby and Andrew Card, the president has been having trouble filling top positions in his administration. According to Scott McClellan, the president's press secretary, Americans just don't want those kinds of jobs. “Americans are basically an ethical lot”, McClellan was quoted as saying. “It's hard to get an honest, taxpaying citizen to fill the sleazy positions”.

When questioned about specifics, McClellan noted that the White House chief of staff position would soon be open and that Mr. Bush was interviewing potential candidates for the job. One high-level staffer at the White House said that a number of applicants had been interviewed, but that no Americans were willing to stoop that low. It was noted however, that Jesús Jimenez, an illegal immigrant and day laborer in Northern Virginia, had expressed some interest in the job opening.

Other top-level positions rumored for rapid turnover included Secretary of State, Secretary of Defense, and Vice President. McClelland ruminated; “These are important positions, and just because they aren't glamorous, and they have been sullied by their current occupants, doesn’t mean that they are bad jobs”. When asked about progress on filling the vice president's position, McClellan was quoted as saying “I can't comment on ongoing job applications”.

Dr John

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